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Loan Modifications is a form of foreclosure help; meaning Loan Modifications will stop the foreclosure process. Loan Modifications work better than a short sale, loan forbearance, loss mitigation or any other foreclosure recovery or rescue plan in the past. The government has created a foreclosure rescue plan through bailing out the banks and negotiating on our behalf to allow you the home owner into a program that makes the most amount of sense for everyone. The banking industry does not want you to know that with a Loan Modification they will be eliminating three long years of a foreclosure process. If a home owner is educated about the foreclosure process they will know that it costs the banks over sixty thousand dollars as well as carrying costs to foreclosure on a property.

A Homeowner can postpone a foreclosure multiple time using both legal and not so ethical means of postponing. The home mortgage bankers have found it in their best interest to restructure a mortgage and allow for a loan modification to take place before the problem gets out of hand and both the home owner and the home mortgage lender lose.

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